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We Are Bonded And Insured

The ideal combination of cutting-edge technology and time-tested craftsmanship.

Weekend Appointments

We pay careful attention to the speaker, then operate swiftly. These pillars have enabled B2B Cleaning Company to establish long-lasting partnerships with homes and business owners.


Customers Hotline 24/7

We stand here to assist you in your moment of need! We will employ our equipment and experience in sewage cleaning, maintenance, repair, preventative care, and emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to evaluate - and fix - your issue!


Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

This is a gratifying job that we take satisfaction in performing correctly. As we solve our clients' challenges, we educate them at every stage of the process. Our firm has mainly expanded due to word-of-mouth recommendations from delighted consumers. Our objective is to provide trustworthy, open, and honest service. We follow through on our promises. Period.

Check some of our top-rated cleaning services.

Window cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
Pressure cleaning
Commercial cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
Duct Cleaning
After Builders Cleaning
Hard Floor cleaning
End of Lease Cleaning
Oven cleaning
Carpet Cleaning

Our Offerings

Household Cleaning

Close your eyes and think of When you arrive home from work, you unlock your front door. You  find an impeccably clean home in lieu of the mess left behind by the morning’s hectic activity.  This need not be only a daydream!

We think a clean house is a happy home at B2B Cleaning. Our team is devoted to making your  house the best it can be so that you and your family may live in a secure and healthy  environment. Our crew is capable of cleaning your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and even your  garage.

End of lease Cleaning

Unlimited service in time. The cleaning crew will stay for as long as it takes to satisfy your  property manager/landlord and recover your whole security deposit!

Rapid and Convenient Reservations Excellent service. Cleaning of the security deposit refund in 

accordance with real estate agency guidelines. 

No-hassle service. You are not obligated to perform any actions. We supply all necessary tools  and cleaning supplies. 

Eco-friendliness. We use non-toxic, child-and pet-safe detergents.

B2B Cleaning Provide NDIS participant Services at Affordable Rates

National Disability Insurance Scheme claimants in Sydney who are interested in house cleaning and housekeeping services may be able to receive assistance from B2B Cleaning. They are fortunate to have access to the services that we offer.

B2B Cleaning is able to offer dependable house cleaning services to all of their customers, regardless of whether or not they have their cleaning needs managed by a plan. In order to be of maximum assistance to people with disabilities, we also offer housekeeping services such as the replacement of bed linens, in addition to laundry and ironing. These activities fall under the topic of “housekeeping.”


Oven Cleaning

Advantages of maintaining a clean oven: 

Clean ovens achieve the appropriate temperature more rapidly and with reduced energy use.  Due to the even distribution of heat, food is cooked more evenly. The risk of fire from  carbonized grease is diminished. No more offensive odors or smoke. Food with enhanced flavor 

Whether this is your first time working with us or you have had us clean your house, we will go  above and beyond to ensure that your oven is thoroughly cleaned. However, we recognize that  you have enough on your plate, and we’d like to handle your household cleaning so that you  can focus on what’s important. 

B2B provides skilled oven cleaning services to maintain the beauty of your kitchen. If you  arrange frequent cleaning services with us, we will always clean and maintain the outside of  your oven. But if your range needs a more thorough cleaning, we can assist!

Upholstery Cleaning

Refresh Your Upholstery’s Appearance 

Our specialization at B2B Cleaning is making difficult-to-clean fabric-covered surfaces seem  brand new. And we accomplish this without using soap or harsh chemicals. Instead, utilizing  specialized upholstery equipment and our unique method, our Expert upholstery cleaning  procedure leaves your furniture Insanely Clean with little drying time. Our upholstery cleaners 

can thus confidently state, If B2B Cleaning can’t clean it, then it can’t be cleaned; we can  provide this assurance.

Window Cleaning

At B2B Cleaning, we approach each day with a single objective: to be our clients’ most trusted  window-cleaning and building-maintenance partner, with an unrelenting dedication to safety,  efficiency, and service quality. 

From high-rise commercial buildings to residential homes and everything in between, B2B  Cleaning has the knowledge and skill to satisfy each customer’s specific requirements.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Cleaning tile and grout requires more than a fast swipe with household cleaning chemicals and  a sponge. Over time, filth, dust, and pollutants accumulate in the pores of grout lines and tile  surfaces, discoloring and dulling them. Humid regions may also produce mildew. 

A natural tile and thorough grout cleaning require the services of a professional. Therefore, you  need B2B Cleaning. 

Advanced heat-based technology, cleaning solutions, vacuum power, and high-pressure rinse  remove filth and grime that conventional methods cannot eliminate. 

Even the most difficult-to-reach crevices are cleaned thoroughly. 

Our customer service agents and cleaning specialists will always provide you with friendly,  professional, and prompt service. However, we are not content until you are completely pleased  with our service and outcomes.

Mattress Cleaning

For A Sound Night’s Rest When you go to bed at night, you likely want to feel calm and  prepared for a restful slumber. Clean, pleasant-smelling bedding may induce sleep like a charm  and have you fast asleep. 

What if the mattress you are resting on is moldy and old? 

What if it is covered in unsightly stains? That will not contribute much to your sleeping  experience. 

However, how can one clean a mattress to avoid these issues? You couldn’t possibly wash it in  a machine, and vacuuming it won’t accomplish anything either.

It would be best if you look no further. You have fortunately discovered the mattress cleaning  experts! Using innovative techniques, we will ensure that your mattress is cleaned correctly and  odor-free. We employ innovative procedures to eliminate stains and eliminate dust from your  bed. In addition, our services are prompt and effective, so we will have your mattress available  whenever you require it. Try B2B Cleaning services once; we can guarantee you’ll return! Give it  a try, and you’ll agree that a professionally cleaned mattress is lovely.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets cleaned by B2B eliminate the highest amount of allergens commonly found in homes.  In addition, even our carpet cleaning solution is a Safer Choice product, meaning it is safe for  humans, animals, and the environment. In other words, once B2B Cleaning cleans your carpets,  your house will be cleaner and healthier. 

Our carpet cleaning service utilizes an exclusive hot water extraction technology. This cleaning  allows us to eliminate dirt, stains safely and smells without leaving any trace behind. Therefore,  contact B2B Cleaning, the local carpet cleaner, if you want expert carpet cleaning.

Gutter Cleaning

Expect a great deal of precipitation throughout the year, placing more stress on gutters each  season. Regular gutter cleaning is essential for preventing water damage to your property.  Professional gutter cleaners from B2B Cleaning can perform all the required tasks to properly  maintain your gutters, including unclogging, repair, roof, and siding cleaning. 

Professional cleaners will work around your schedule. Make an appointment online or by phone,  and the crew will finish the task without entering your home or asking you to be there. 

High-Pressure Cleaning

B2B Cleaning’s utilization of cutting-edge technology, such as advancements in robotics,  automation, and mechanics, enables us to promote Safety and Efficiency in industrial facility operations, such as upgrading, cleaning, and maintenance. 

B2B Cleaning provides high-pressure cleaning services for the effective disinfection of the  aforementioned siding surfaces: 

Vinyl, Aluminum, Cedar, Stucco, Brick, Concrete 

Our team of qualified and experienced cleaners offers a quick and efficient alternative for  cleaning the exterior of your property. In addition, our employees are always professional and  helpful while working on your property. Our high-pressure cleaning services are performed with  state-of-the-art, specialized equipment, and industrial-grade cleaning accessories, leaving your 

Our carpet cleaning service utilizes an exclusive hot water extraction technology. This cleaning  allows us to eliminate dirt, stains safely and smells without leaving any trace behind. Therefore,  contact B2B Cleaning, the local carpet cleaner, if you want expert carpet cleaning.

Hard Surface Cleaning

Your home’s hard surfaces can have subtle or startling impacts on the ambiance. Similar to your  hard surface flooring, your countertops and backsplashes are susceptible to scratches, stains,  and regular wear. 

In addition, all of your hard surfaces require a thorough cleaning to preserve their brilliance and  integrity. However, various surfaces require different cleaning methods, and many over-the counter treatments might leave scratches, blemishes, etch marks, or residue on your cherished  hard surfaces. 

We care about your demands, as seen by our superior hard floor cleaning services. 

We can assist you in finding an expert in hard floor maintenance for your business facility or  municipality. No matter the size or configuration of your property, our services will never fail you.

DUCT Cleaning

B2B Cleaning Services specializes in examining, cleaning, and repairing HVAC systems in  residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities. 

We aim to provide the most outstanding quality service, delivered with the utmost efficiency, to  guarantee complete client satisfaction. 

Homeowners, apartment complexes, condominiums, senior living centers, commercial  buildings, hospitals, school districts, colleges, manufacturing facilities, municipal, state, federal,  and military institutions, among others, are provided with services. In addition, we are privileged  to work with and be respected by many home builders, HVAC businesses, General Contractors,  Mechanical Engineers, and Contractors.

Industrial Cleaning

Leave your concerns to us. You can rely on our unwavering commitment to excellence, from the  tiniest requests to highly complex cleaning services. 

Customers may choose from a variety of commercial and industrial cleaning services. The  majority of our personnel have worked with the organization for years. We invest in our  employees to provide superior, dependable cleaning services. Our cleaning team is not only  trustworthy, but we also have many levels of responsibility.

We deliver the greatest possible clean.

The cleanliness of your home plays a significant part in its comfort, but many homeowners lack  time to fulfill this chore owing to their hectic schedules. At B2B cleaning, we understand that a  clean house is a happy home, so we are pleased to offer thorough home cleaning services. 

B2B cleaning is the most well-known and respected brand in the house cleaning industry. We  have provided house cleaning services to our clients’ requests.

Customized cleaning schedules

We recognize that every family has its tastes. Therefore we tailor your cleaning schedule to your  unique needs. Moreover, if you wish to modify your cleaning schedule, contact our team. 

While other cleaning services employ rotational cleaning schedules, we are ready to clean your  complete home each time we visit. However, the fact that we can does not imply that we must.  We will work with your cleaning preferences and schedule to ensure that your requirements are  prioritized appropriately and that you receive consistent, high-quality cleaning every time.

Cleaning Equipment & Detergents

All services we provide are backed by the experience and the know-how of the qualified house cleaners in Sydney we work with.

Detergents: All home cleaning agents, we work with, are pet and family friendly, non-toxic and tested for domestic use. We employ industry tools and materials that are suitable for commercial and home sanitation, as well as builders cleaning for after construction works.

Equipment: The house cleaners in Sydney are equipped with everything required for a quality and efficient service. Depending on the service, we can provide:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • sponges
  • mops
  • broom
  • duster
  • squeegee for window cleaning
  • rotary machines for tile and grout cleaning, etc.
  • for carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning, the cleaners use machines from Prochem.

When you book with us, we will send a team of specialists who are qualified and insured to operate with the equipment and machines required for the job.

We care about your health!

Here at Paul`s cleaning we use environmentally friendly cleaning products, which have been tested for their child and pet safety.