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Bond back cleaning

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The B2B Cleaning Will Get Your Bond Back cleaning on a Plate

Price Start From As Low As $150 !!!

Why not you count on the experienced and highly specialized trained cleaners? To do a classic job and make you our valued and satisfied customer, B2B Cleaning incorporates a fantastic working motivation scheme, based on our employee’s job performance and the level of our valued customer satisfaction.


Bond Back Cleaning + Carpet Cleaning + Pest Control From $299 !!


We are wisely aware of how to protect your bond back cleaning in the end of lease cleaning Sydney. So, when we come to your property, our expert technician keenly observe your property, estimate it, and deliver a classic report to you to operate a smooth cleaning process. When the time and budget will be fixed by the both sides, then our expert team will start their excellent and sparkling cleaning process until you satisfied by 100%. In addition to give you complete metal satisfaction.

An expert and dedicated team of our cleaning professionals will sincerely take care of the following matters:

Dining or Living room: Vacuuming, dusting of surfaces; and mopping carpets, floors rugs are vacuumed (also a steam carpet cleaning process and a stern stain removal process is available at a very discounted prices); the furniture are polished; light switches, skirting boards, and window sills are gently wiped cleaned; the internal windows can be washed, cobwebs are removed; and blinds – dusted are also removed.

Kitchen of Cooking room: Floors are firstly vacuumed and then mopped entirely, surfaces and bench tops are polished; the top oven is cleaned thoroughly inside and outside; the hops, cooker top and knobs are wiped clean; the kitchen cupboards are cleaned carefully inside and outside; bins are washed; the sink area is scrubbed well; all electrical appliances are sanitized. You must note that we can’t clean your freezer and refrigerator, unless they have been defrosted by you in advance. This cost will be calculated in the final price quote.

Bedrooms: The floors as well as surfaces will be cleaned; pictures and mirrors are polished; window sills, skirting boards are cleaned; all cobwebs are safely removed to a covered bucket. Upholstery cleaning, mattress steam cleaning, and curtain cleaning are also available at discounted prices. If you are interested in getting only glass surfaces cleaned, you can choose our window cleaning service.

Corridors/ Entryway: Banisters, Surfaces, and railings are dusted; total floors are vacuumed and mopped.

Bathroom: Floor is vacuumed and completely mopped; the sink cabinet and sink are polished; the bath and toilet shower are sanitized and disinfected; bathroom fittings, taps, fixtures and accessories are wiped clean and dried instantly.

Additional rooms: Any additional rooms will be cleaned to a presentable state before the upcoming inspection by your agent or landlord. This is contact based service, so we estimate the total job cost by the amount of total workload. For an hourly based service, there is option to use our domestic cleaning service.

We know that the landlords are very keen to check every parts of their property, so our expert cleaners give the most eyes on and utmost cleaning magic to clean everything though something is unseen to others. We know that all property is completely different from each others; so we use different models and checklist for different property. Our expert and professional cleaning engineers are highly trained to handle the entire tough cleaning situation comfortably.

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Date:17 Aug 2015



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