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Carpet Cleaning

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It’s time to get freshen up your office or home with b2b carpet cleaning service. Our all carpet cleaners are fully experienced and have their own insurance.

  • The highest quality equipment gets the cleanest carpets
  • Echo friendly products
  • Friendly team members
  • Remove the stains, marks, dust and pollutants from your carpet.

Our services:

  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning, such as lounges, rugs, etc.
  • Stubborn stain removal
  • Fabric and leather restoration
  • Regular strata/apartment cleaning (or end of lease)
  • Water/flood damage

Our step by step carpet cleaning process:

Step 1

First of all our experience team member will inspect the carpet thoroughly and give a special attention to any close attention for any particular concern area.

Step 2

Choose the correct chemical to get the maximum result.

Step 3

Special cleaning solutions are applied to stubborn spots to assist in their removal when possible, during the regular cleaning process.

Step 4

We use the powerful vacuum machine to removes dust and dirt from the edges around the room.

Step 5

We will move most furniture during the cleaning process. However, there are some items such as pianos and china cabinets cannot be moved. Your furniture will be protected from residual moisture by blocks and tabs.

Step 6

Heavy duty and professional equipment will be used to assure maximum soil removal and minimal drying time.

Step 7

Before leaving your home, we thoroughly inspect the carpet to ensure your satisfaction. Any remaining stubborn spots will be the retreat

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Name:Robert Thompson,

Date:17 Aug 2015



Comments Comments: 3

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