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Childcares /Pre School Cleaning

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Fully insured cleaning team with public liability insurance, national police check for cleaners, and work with children check.

We use totally eco-friendly and non-toxic cleaning product to clean. We try to make sure limiting usage of chemical for child safety.

  • Common Place s of child care/preschool
  • Detail cleaning of restrooms
  • Wipe up the bench top, sink, kitchen area
  • Wipe Play Equipment and Toys
  • Sanitized Napping/Sleeping Area
  • Frequently check communication book before starting the job
  • Arrange regular staff meeting to control the quality of the work
  • Client review option and satisfaction guarantee

You call us to get a detail quote or use our online tools to get a quote.

Our Monthly Cleaning Procedures:

  • Clean wall-mounted units such as paper towel dispensers and hand dryers with a disinfectant spray or wipe. Detail clean and take special care of all fixtures and items in the restroom.
  • Wipe down all vertical surfaces in the office with earth-friendly chemical
  • Polish desks, tables, chairs, and any other wood objects by using a furniture polish to help maintain a professional shine.
  • Dust or vacuum all vents, overhead circular fans, and behind hard to reach areas like tables and desks.
  • Clean all windows with a glass cleaner to remove all marks and fingerprints


Address:New York, Wall st. 25/1


Name:Robert Thompson

Date:17 Aug 2015



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