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Cleaning For NDIS

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B2b cleaning premium service for NDIS participant

We are proud to be part of NSW NDIS program and registered cleaning business with NDIS. Our mission is to make your life easy by doing those things.

  • Performing essential house cleaning activities that the participant is not able to undertake.
  • Performing essential house and or yard activities that the participant is not able to undertake.
  • Specialist assistance in the home required due to additional requirements of the child’s disability; may be provided to strengthen the sustainability of informal supports.
  • Preparation and delivery of meals to a participant who is unable to do these by themselves, and is not in receipt of other supports that would meet the same need. Food costs not included. Cost varies with the number of meals prepared and deliveries required.

B2B Cleaning Service Offer you:

  • Hourly Cleaning rate according to NDIS guideline
  • Service perform by fully experienced and friendly cleaner
  • Services with public liability insurance
  • Totally eco friendly cleaning products
  • National police clearance check for cleaners
  • Quality checking
  • Regular review option for our service

Apart from cleaning, we can also help you manage the basic household chores. This includes dishwashing, ironing and washing the clothes, Daily cleaning tasks, food preparation, Garden maintenance,

We have been serving the NDIS members for quite some time and can promise quality. Our goal is to facilitate you in a way so that you can live independently in your homes without facing any frustration whatsoever.

How We Can Help You in Making Your House Picture Perfect

First, you need to ensure that you have an approved plan and after that, you need to reach out to us. When you get in touch with us, we will discuss your requirements with you. This way there will be no confusion, and we can provide you the help you need.

We Define the Plan

We encourage our clients to be upfront and open about their expectations. This way it becomes easier for us to define the plan and we can be on the same page as our clients.

We Organize an Easy Process of Your Request

To facilitate our clients in the best possible, we allow the submission of online cleaning or garden maintenance request. We have an organized process. The objective is to streamline things.

We Make a Cleaning Plan for Your Review

Once we have discussed your requirements, then we will commence with the preparation of the Service Agreement. We will also ensure that we prepare a plan for the cleaning tasks. The Agreement and the plan will be forwarded to you for your review.

If you do not agree to anything mentioned in the plan you are free to let us know and we will alter accordingly.

Our Team will reach you in an agreed time

When you give your consent and agree to plan, we will set up the service booking for you. Our trained team members will reach your premises as per the plan.

Why You Should Hire Us Right Away

The main reason to confide in our service is that we are an affordable service. There are services out there that do not present the budget and later on the client has to deal with hidden charges, but this will not be the case with us.

Responsive Team

We have a responsive team, and we go the extra mile to win the goodwill of our clients. The client satisfaction is our supreme priority.

Positive Attitude

We respect your opinion. In fact, we will appreciate the critical feedback, and we will make it a point to address the loopholes. Our positive attitude is the main reason that our client portfolio is increasing by every passing day.

No Delays

You can critically compare our service with our counterparts, and you will notice that we do enjoy an edge. When you hire our service for your house maintenance, then you will not have to deal with any delays.

Our team values time. The team members will reach your premises on the committed time and function exactly as you want. We understand the love and association you have with your belongings.

This is why our team members make it a point to handle the items carefully during the cleaning process. You do not have to worry about any losses at all.

Fast Booking Process

Most services out there have an extensive registration process, but we understand that this can be irritating for our clients. We are accessible and make sure that the booking process is quick and simple for you.

Evaluate the Requirements

There are times when clients do have some requirements at run-time. In that case, our team members carefully evaluate the requirements and try their utmost to accommodate those requirements if possible.

Expert Team

The most important reason to trust us is that we are a credible service and we hire our employees after a detailed investigation. This is why your security will not be on the line. The comfort of our clients is the priority for us and rest assured that we do not compromise on this element.

Our team members are honest and upfront. We are ardent believers of the fact that honesty is the best policy. If we face any hurdles or limitations while doing your work, we will let you know straight away. We do not believe in coming up with lame excuses for not achieving our goals. This is why we can guarantee that we will not disappoint you.

Ease To Monitor Cleaning Process

As a client, you have the freedom to monitor the cleaning and maintenance process. You will also notice that all our team members have this passion for serving. We commence with the task with a positive bent of mind, and we take a personal interest in the job.

Our team focuses on every little detail because we strongly believe that being detailed oriented does affect the outcome. We also make sure to use quality products for cleaning, and we have quality equipment.

Environment-Friendly Cleaning Products

We also try our level best to use environment-friendly cleaning products because of your wellness matters to us. If you are still apprehensive about our cleaning procedure, we are very much willing to give you all the details.

Hire Us Now

Our service is truly a blessing for the NDIS members, and you will get to know this when you get in touch with us. Cleaning your house has never been easier as it is now with b2b Cleaning service in Sydney area.

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