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B2B Pest Control Service Start from $80

  • Move in or move out/ end of lease pest control
  • Seasonal pest control service
  • Specific pest control service

We are Sydney based pest control business, dealing with commercial, residential, and industrial clients.

  • Licensed Pest Control Technician
  • Public Liability Insurance & NSW Pest control license checked By Oneflare
  • Proper Invoice with product detail and service report for real state
  • Our product is safe to use in Domestic, Commercial and Public Service Buildings
  • Use Gel Bait in Kitchen area, do not need to remove the item from kitchen cupboard area when doing German cockroach treatment
  • Free quote & No lengthy waiting period
  • Best price

Combination treatment of German cockroach

  • Using super attractant gel bait
  • Professional Australian registered chemical spray
  • Using dust powder by electric duster

Bed Bug Control:

Some of the facts which you might not know about bed bugs are:

  • A bed bug can complete their feeding at night in just 3-10 minutes
  • After they feed, they hide themselves and digest the blood over several days
  • They can eat up to three times their body weight
  • They can survive without food for nearly 550 days
  • Bed bugs feed every 3-7 days
  • Usually, it takes about two months for a hatching egg to grow into an adult

What we do?

  • We make sure to check every inch of your mattress to eradicate bed bugs and offer a thorough bed bug control treatment
  • Bed bug eggs don’t get affected by insecticide penetration. To counter this, we treat your house again within just a few weeks to prevent new bed bugs from breeding.
  • In follow up inspection, thoroughly inspect the possible harbourage area.
  • Provide bed bug management plan according to” bed bug code of practice”

Rodent Control:

When the question come about rat control in your commercial or residential place, b2b pest control – Sydney believe prevention is better than cure. Our expertise pest control team in Sydney try to find out the problem first and make a plan on the basis of your circumstances.

Then provide the best available option to you what suit your budget and situation. Such as:

  • Rodent Glue Trap (Poison Free)
  • Rodent lockable bait station with baits.
  • Rodent Metal Trap (Poison Free)
  • Rodent non toxic trap
  • Rodent non toxic monitoring bait
  • rodent electric trap

Spider Control:

Spider treatment programs, like all pest management treatments, are most effective when following the method of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). To achieve (IPM) “b2b pest control in Lakemba” has expert pest controller who do:

  • Risk Assessment before start the job
  • Inspection thoroughly & identify the pest type
  • During Treatment process – using a suitable combination ofn physical, biological, cultural and chemical control measures
  • Do follow up treatment if required with discounted price

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